Every minute of this episode was emotionally taxing but this moment right here. This moment tore me apart.

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John after Battersea: Whelp, guess I should try to be this maniac’s boyfriend. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

John later: That went poorly.

This is so hilarious. I just rewatched some scenes from this episode and I realized it was just like you said. First John trying to figure out if Sherlock was in love with Irene, and the stares when they are alone in Baker Street after Battersea and the whole thing with these psychopaths beating Mrs Hudson…

I mean. It’s there. John is even wearing his dating shirt, for fuck’s sake. And the thing with the wine, like he was getting ready to talk about it. “What about what happened in battersea? You heard us. I didn’t deny anything. What do you think about it?” and Sherlock staring at him before playing the fucking violin, without saying a word. He’s so so much the not usual self.

John tried. He tried really hard. And then Irene appeared again and he was so pissed off. So so pissed off. Like “Really? You appear now? And are you flirting with him in front of me, after Battersea? -Yeah, with him, ‘at him’ my ass- . Irene, I mean, you’re torturing me, you toldme you thought I was in love with Sherlock!! What are you trying to do flirting with him in front of me, you lil shit?? Are you trying to provoke me? are you trying to kill me? I was here first!”

OK, it turned a bit childish in my head, but it’s basically that. You can see it in his face. And the grief after the thing with Mrs Hudson, again. The grief in John’s eyes… It’s painful. Like “You heard us. Let’s talk about it. Please help me to start talking about it, because I’m afraid of being wrong. Please, help me, Sherlock.”


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[insert nail polish emoji here]

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The developer of Call Of Duty has said that COD players aren’t real gamers because they rarely try other franchises

I’m laughing so hard oh my god imagine how they must feel knowing he thinks that about them


Fake Gamer Boys

oh this tastes so fucking good

oh, but he is right.

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He almost cried… because he has a brother too.

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 To be honest, I’d love to have gone further …

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one of my absolute favorite things about sherlock is when he says things that are so very clearly laden with sexual innuendo and he absolutely has no idea, like he just thinks he’s joking around and john is like ⊙ eyyyyyy, you can get it, but sherlock is just like (◡‿◡✿) i made a funny and has no idea john is half hard

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