just so you know guys my birthday is thursday

just… you know… telling you this…

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*squats down to look in the refrigerator* fitness

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'oh is it a boy or a girl?'

mary shoots the baby in the face

'neither' she replies 'it's dead

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i just want a pretty girlfriend who’s cute and clever and ships johnlock and likes the things i like and actually lives near me who i can hug and kiss her whenever i want please

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I hope you all guys realize that the Victor Trevor of the BBC version is a dead dog

also the only victor trevor’s figure we’ve had on the show yet was for john, and his name is james sholto


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Not really sure how to do the “quote and reblog” thing and retain all the original content, so I’m just going to link to the amazing “birds on wallpaper” meta:


I don’t want to disturb you or set you up for additional post-graduate work, stepfordgeek, but, IMO, it’s definitely a cuckoo. Not only that, but I’d say it’s an Anglicized take on the Chinese cuckoo. Because this image is for sale on Amazon: “The Heavenly Chinese Cuckoo.” And the bird on Mary’s wallpaper is pretty damned close to being this bird, Chinese Cuckoo as drawn by a Brit:


Another variation, listed as a “rare bird print” for sale among other similar watercolors.


Here’s the “Common cuckoo.”


An actual photo of a Thai cuckoo. (The real European and Chinese ones are nowhere near as pretty as the wallpaper ones or the British-drawn ones.)


And here’s Mary’s wallpaper bird:


Here’s an article about “Cuckoo Lore in Chinese Sources.”





So, either complete genius and subtext and planned giveaway to baby resolution… or just a really big coincidence. Because they like chinoiserie. And birds. And flowers.

I have studied Arwel’s work. It is not a coincidence. It can’t be. He is entirely too conscious of wallpaper and this whole “the walls are talking” thing to not use it. Think back to the twin toiles. That flat would have been better served with a sixties inspired wallpaper. I have seen a few black and white sixties inspired florals when I was looking for that paper.

That toile is so so so out of place it isn’t even funny anymore. It took me six months to even think that it might be a toile. Because no one in their right minds uses toile there. And he used one that he had used earlier in a different colour. That is all I need to know about his work being “coincidence”. He may not go that deep in flats that belong to a witness or so because their character may not be that important to be commented upon in that way, but for main characters and important scenes? That is not a coincidence.

Looking at his choices and what is on the market in general he has a clear line. I cannot put it in words because I cannot summarise the vast choice he has and what he decides to use in the end. But he makes the walls sing.

The design of this wallpaper itself was found in a stairwell in a manor house and has been reconstructed from what little remained. The colour we see on the show is not the original colour, so we cannot go by the blue. The blue was not the original, the original was in pink and yellow tones. But the shape says cuckoo. The designer seems to be unknown, so it could be a Chinese import or a British design. I’m heavily leaning towards British though. Late 19th century and the general style say British version of Chinoiserie motif. 

So we are currently stuck at “recoloured late 19th century British version of a Chinoiserie cuckoo”.

Some metas are more far-fetched than others, and some cross the line to crack rather fantastically - but the bedroom of a couple expecting a baby covered in cuckoos is quite straightforward.

tl;dr Not John’s baby.

See above the reason why wallpaper meta is my absolute favorite kind of meta.

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Nolwenn writing Sherlock’s blog. Uncanny. 

(part 1 - John’s blog)

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Anonymous: the meta is written by wellthengameover a very good meta writer, and except you, i gave good reasons to believe the dog is sherlock's brother, and i didn't write nonsense stuff just because i don't like a character in the canon

Wow how mad can you be

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Anonymous: then write a meta about it because you can't simply say to look at the show carefully, i read a beautiful meta about redbeard being sherlock's brother, and I'm sure he is, explain if you want to be credible

You think sherlock’s dog is his brother i think you are the one who should try to be more credible

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