things that make me like sherlock

  • he takes his coffee black with two sugars
  • he loves bees and has a bee drawing and a bee cushion
  • he loves science so much he has a periodical table on his bedroom wall
  • he likes james bond
  • he blogs about ashes and alpaca wool
  • he has a bunch of military magazines from the 80s
  • he loves dogs
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riiiiight okaaaay :) you’re unattached ;) just like me :p


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Has anybody ever talked about that shot in which we’re made to believe Sherlock and Mycroft are playing chess while they’re instead playing operation in terms of: the game = the whole show, and audience perception of it?

Like s1 being shown as a chessboard, reign of rationality, which starts blurring in s2 and in s3 it is revealed the game being played was operation all along, it was always about feelings, it was always a romance 

and its thin perspective disguise of overtly clever case-centered crime drama slowly got removed

I suppose in this reading you’d have to put the actual players, Sherlock and Mycroft, aside— OR it could work if you consider Mycroft is the main meta-narrator (voice of the writers) and Sherlock is the name-sake of the show

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[…] readers who fail to “read between the lines” of an hypothetically closeted homosexual story contribute to the construction of that closet (the censorship imposed).”

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i packed too many clothes and i’m sure i forgot the essential but eh

i’m scared for tomorrow pray for me not doing anything stupid

don’t be disappointed

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"Course I read his blog! We all do. Do you really not know that the Earth goes round the Sun?"

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caps 5/?

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nolwenn what about sholto/john/lyons

sorry one piece of hot soldier at a time

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anyway i’m still waiting for my john/corporal lyons fic where john goes on a date with lyons and they have a one night-stand like i’m waiting i’m here please write this for me

i mean come on


Hmmmm…….if that’s what catalyzes Sherlock to get off his arse and insist John pay attention to him, and not some beautiful, buff corporal who is not nearly as stiff-necked as he seems, does that still work for you?

make john tap lyons’ ass first (i need some action between them) and we have a deal

Oh, there will be filthy, filthy captain-on-corporal action, never fear. John comes out of the pub, tired and frustrated and just a little drunk, and runs into Lyons, angry about the reams of extra paperwork he’s had to do and wanting to get more than a little bit drunk. It’s not exactly a date, but it’s enough to get them up to Lyons’ flat and out of their clothes.


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