Is Lester a good liar? Does he become a better one?

Yeah, he gets good at it. I think at first he’s kind of like Walter White — all of his actions are out of necessity. It’s like a wounded animal, a hunted animal, and then actually he starts to get good at it and enjoy it. You see that in the run of the 10 episodes, that the impetus changes from just survival, like, “I’m just doing the absolute bare minimum of what I need to do to survive,” to he starts slightly going out of his way [to perpetuate his lies]. And he gets good at it, and he starts to become more of a game player — and that’s f—ing great to play. It’s fascinating to watch and to play, ’cause you’re reading the scripts and you’re going, “I can’t wait, I can’t wait to do that.” Yeah, he does get good at it.


Martin Freeman talks about Lester Nygaard’s adeptness at lying over the course of Fargo.

Via Entertainment Weekly: ‘Fargo’ premiere—Martin Freeman talks THAT scene

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someone just tried to call me and i don’t know who is it maybe it’s the cute teacher i don’t know i don’t want to call back because….. because

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I find watching Hannibal really uncomfortable but like it’s not even the gore or the eating human flesh or whatever else other horrifying shit that goes down it’s the hugely discordant and dissonant score that’s mixed so much louder than then the dialogue. I mean, I now that’s how it’s supposed to feel, but damn, it makes me cringe more than watching Hannibal cut up lungs.

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i can’t even read fanfics where john is ‘not gay but sherlock-sexual’ at this point i just stop reading them it’s too unbelievable for me

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the only part that wasn’t realistic in fargo was martin driving a car

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I don’t feel bad for Lester at all tbh he is complete trash and I don’t mean it affectionately 

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i can’t believe we’ve still got 9 episodes of martin playing a trashcan pumpkin and murdering people and saying ‘heck’ and ‘aw jeez’ this is the dream i’m living it i never want to wake up

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imagine sherlock and john walking purposefully along because they’re on a case and then sherlock sees a red setter puppy and immediately kneels down and starts stroking their ears and saying “hi, baby” in a slightly higher pitch and john has never been so confused in his life

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